Black women should stop their griping

It is a tired song and I’m tired of hearing how black men are more into white women than black women. Let’s get off this train man.  Everyone has a right to choose who they want as their life partner and it’s none of your or my business.  Every time a black man walks down the aisle with a woman other than black, black women go into a crisis and downing on themselves and judging black men.

Let’s be real no amount of fake hair, fake boobs, colour whitening is going to make you white. If black women do not embrace themselves, are not comfortable in their own skin, then who will do it for them? You’ve got to step it up and, walk with pride as if there is no other woman as beautiful as you.  When you do that, people will look at you, love you and want to be you.  Let the men marry who they want and nobody’s stopping you from getting your white man.  There are tons of white men who would want to go out with black women and marry them and treat them with respect.  For your information, there are lots of black women who’re kicking it with white men and good for them.  Colour is only skin deep underneath we are all human beings made from the same stock, so come on women lighten up and get out their and strut your stuff.  Here are some notable black women with some notable white men and I’ve a lot more where this came from.

















August 06

Talking about 11 hunks tell ‘why I love black women.’ | Ebony | Find Articles at BNET


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