Let’s not be too hard on Mel

What’s going on with Mel?  I believe he is having a break down. He is not himself at all. Mel Gibson needs to be seen by a medical professional  because his behaviour is too erratic and not like someone operating in a normal way.   As they say in the business, he’s got issues and instead of demonizing him, let’s suggest that he sees a shrink.  Women who decide to go with this guy knows who he is, they know he has a temper and that he can be abusive and they still choose to ignore that and become involved. Why? Is it because they want to get in their stay and walk away with a hefty payday?  His wife, Oksana Grigorieva, made sure she had the tape running as evidence. How much credibility I will give that? Zero.  You don’t set up something like this without  a motive. 

I like Mel Gibson and I admit he is a superstar but also a common human being with human frailty. I do not condone wife abuse but there is always two sides to story.  I am sorry that Mel has lost a sense of himself and perhaps he needs some time away from the spotlight, perhaps a stint in Tibet or with the Dalai Lama will not hurt him. He needs to bring balance and perspective back in his life.  Underneath all that anger is some kind of deep-seated pain and I hope he deals with that.   He should also forget about women for now and focus on himself and spend more time with his children or with children.  Children are generally real and forgiving.  The bottom line is Mel is not a bad person, he is not racist at heart and he says things that comes through anger, things that some of us are masters at suppressing.  He is a good guy.

Mel Gibson’s Verbal Tirade Video – 5min.com


One comment on “Let’s not be too hard on Mel

  1. michellefrommadison says:

    That girl had it coming, what a slut she is. Good for her that she only had two teeth broken, she may have deserved a worse punishment for how she treated Mel.

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