The tragedy of the Lindsay Lohan’s

When celebrities like Lindsay Lohan fall from grace, the public get their chance to criticize and judge and some celebrity parents use the media to get their side of the sordid story out and some for for the chance to enhance their own opportunity  to shine in the spotlight.  But what kind of society are we that gobbles up young children, give them tons of money that puts them in charge of their parents than the other way around and we wonder why they fall. It is all society’s fault for putting children to work and make big bucks at such a young age. There is something unreal or surreal about a child making millions of dollars while their parents struggle on $60-100,000 a year. 

Some parents are guilty of pushing their young children to grow up in the spotlight robbing them of valuable childhood social skills and common experiences.  Because of the financial equation, parents are apt to give in to unhealthy demands of children by allowing them to go to parties, drink at an earlier age and to behave like little grown ups in terms of fashion  and activities.  How many children are we going to lose to the consuming machinery of the entertainment industry that takes people’s good children use them give them money for their use and discard them when they please or  when they are out of control.

Childhood stars like Lohan  develops a poor sense of self or propriety and behave as though they can get away with anything because of their own inflated sense of self-importance until they come up against a wall of reality and they cannot deal with it.

What I am saying is if there is any shame and disgrace that surround Lindsay Lohan’s behaviour that shame does not belong to her but to all of us as members of society who pretend to take care of our children and to put children first because we do not. We do not care about how we treat children. We abuse children with money and power they cannot control and then we blame them for misbehaving.  This is schizophrenic.


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