Is Clarence Thomas’ wife trying to undermine her SCJ Black Husband

What’s going on here?  If this is true how could Thomas’ wife justify her connection with a white supremacist having a black husband to go home to each night. Is there something else happening here? Is divorce in the cards or what, this doesn’t seem to make sense at all to ordinary folks.

“In 1996, Pratt was forced to resign his role as an adviser to Pat Buchanan’s presidential campaign when it was revealed that, in 1992, he addressed a gathering of white supremacists in Estes, Colorado. Included on the roster of speakers that day were neo-Nazis and militia advocates, including Louis Beam, a former Texas Grand Dragon of the Ku Klux Klan who had taken his cause over to the Aryan Nation organization. The meeting had been called by Pete Peters, then leader of the Christian Identity movement, whose theology states that black people are subhuman and Jews are the spawn of Satan.”

(Quote from Alternet’s article)

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