Canadian G20 masquerade

Destructive childish behaviour

Common sense is expensive and rare these days. Many people do not understand what is common sense and they say and do the darndest things.  Let’s look at the recent G20 demonstrations in Toronto where some people mostly the anarchists who caused all the rioting, are now picketing for more freedom and civil rights.

Peaceful Protestors

 We have a lot of rights in Canada and I would defend the right of people to access those freedoms. With freedom comes responsibility. The police have a responsibility to protect people’s lives and properties and to balance that responsibility against the right of people to peaceful protest.  I was not in Toronto but from what I saw on TV and what those who were present told me, it was far from peaceful protest. In fact, those who had a vested interest in creating havoc and disturbance usurped the rights of the peaceful protestors.  How could the police protect everyone’s rights at the same time while protecting the property and trying to maintain order in the street.  I do not hear the protestors crying foul at those who actually prevented the peacefully protestors, instead I hear a lot of blame to the policemen for doing their work.  Excuse me, but I would rather a life  to be saved than allow lawless protesting in the name of civil rights.   It was the lives of the peaceful civil rights protestors that the police were also trying to save from harm and danger.  It is unreasonable for the government to put its entire contingent of police officers on the streets to contain a handful of thugs called anarchists.  It’s like the comedian was saying on the TV last night, Canadians and people in the west have little to worry about. You’re living in one of the most peaceful nations in the world, you have food coming out your ears and all kinds of financial help for the helpless, you don’t have problems compared to people who have to eat leaves of trees and roots  that is otherwise inedible food to feed your children  and you do no face being raped by just going to fetch water and stepping on a landmine while out on a simple errand, people who go to bed with the ring of gunshots and bombs exploding around them. We create our problems to feel alive because we do not have any. If those anarchists want to do something, why not hike yourselves to one of the third world countries and help those people dig wells – your services will be better served there than trying to stop capitalists from doing what they do. Capitalism is the form of economic system that the west is committed to and you will not change that, not overnight anyway. What you can change is the lives of a family by going to any one of the thousands of poor countries and helps a family.  There are any number of organizations out there that will willingly finance your passage for such a trip.

    I am sorry if I sound frustrated by people who want to take advantage of rights and the misguided beliefs that they are making a difference on behalf of poor people by randomly destroying property, burning police cars.  Those are destructive actions and should not be part of advocacy strategy.  You cannot use force to get your way. Anything gotten this way is never sustainable without even greater force to keep it going.  We do not need that now in Canada.

Let us respect each other’s right to be heard and no one group should who can shout the loudest should be given any recognition


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