When did people start this nasty habit of tongue kissing their dogs

I keep asking the question what next will it be?  Sorry if I sound a bit paranoid but I think this is very dirty, unhygienic and a bad practice for children to watch.  When you start kissing your dog as you would your husband or wife, will one day people fight for the right to marry their dogs?  Where is this sick habit leading for crying out loud?  A dog licks his feces out of his butt then pushes his tongue on your face and mouth!  Some people make the point that a dog’s mouths is cleaner than human’s  to justify this unhealthy habit. That’s a load of dog  manure!! Dog mouths are cleaner for other dogs not a human being.  The dog has turned to kissing people because it is kept away from its own kind and now the dog is not sure what to do or how to behave.  It’s like when an animal raises a child from baby – the child does not know whether he is an animal or a human being. It’s confusing.

I know there are women and men who swear they can never go out with a person who engages in such disgusting behaviour with a dog and count me in on that too. I cannot even eat from those people who do that.  I am so queasy about that and I wonder if I am alone – is something wrong with me or what? Don’t get be wrong, I love dogs and will never harm an animal, however, I believe that to keep dogs stuck up in houses, neuter them and make them into puppets for our comfort is wrong and abusive to the animal.

While complaining about her dog the other day, I told a woman  a dog did not belong in houses and she proudly told me that her dog is not an outside dog, he slept on a bed and he loved it. I said to her you are projecting your human feelings upon the animal. A dog is in seventh heaven when he is running outside, picking up  new scents and licking the butts of female/male dogs. That’s a dog’s life and that’s perfectly normal. They are not there to service our sick needs as human beings.  Something has to give and the government needs to come out with a law that forbid a dog to be cooped up in a house and go crazy thinking it is no longer a dog but a human being.

This is mainly a North American behaviour and many newcomers will find this habit disgusting, so try to be culturally sensitive and do not show animals kissing human beings in their mouths. God knows what else these dogs are made to do to human beings.

 I think people should spare those of us who are sickened by this.  And to think some of these people work in restaurants and other places where they have to serve up food for human beings. I think we ought to get back to sanity and decency and respect ourselves as human beings.


11 comments on “When did people start this nasty habit of tongue kissing their dogs

  1. Anon says:

    I hope you realize you sound like a sixteen year old girl, OP. “ew omg ppl who kiss there dogs r grose” One last bit of advice in addition to taking writing courses: the government is inept. If you really want to insure the quality of life for pet dogs is kept high, organize something yourself. For a supposed parent, you are very naïve.

  2. Leguanite says:

    Hello my dear, thanks for the comment. Duly noted. I do get sloppy with my writing, especially when I am passionate about something. I apologize if I offend you. It’s just like this business of kissing dog is getting more pervasive. It’s shown on commercials, in films, I see it everywhere and I do believe it is unhealthy. People can show affection to their pets without getting in their mouths. Dogs harbour germs that can be transmitted to humans. Maybe we have to teach people all over again the proper way to interact with their animal friends, like we have to teach people to wash their hands afte using the toilet. And you are correct, we cannot expect the government to do everything. We have to take the initiative. Maybe you can help.
    Have a happy holiday.

  3. Scott Wolf says:

    that is the most retarded thing I have read in weeks.

  4. Leguanite says:

    I guess you are one of those people who enjoy kissing your dogs in the mouth. What is the matter with you people? Didin’t you get enough love from your parents or what. This behaviour is not useful at all. People should know their boundaries. There has to be boundaries and when we do not respect our boundaries with animals, I believe we disrespect the animals we claim to love.

  5. Well funny you should have a problem with this. I find getting licked by my dog not a problem, unless I or the canine are sick. Puppies licking me is a whole different matter because I don’t know if they have already been wormed or not and don’t want to get something really nasty.

    Also a bit of info for you. Yes dogs do carry germs, so do humans but the fun part of co-habitation with a canine is you keep swapping these germs and both of your immune systems benefit from fighting off these minors nuisances. So if my dog happens to get a lick on my face or my mouth then so be it.

    Plus my dog is good kisser 🙂

  6. Crom Corrag says:

    Perhaps you’re not aware that people can develop immunities to many germs, by exposing themselves to them.

    Dogs may lick their butts, but their saliva is very strong and kills germs well. Which is why it’s said that dogs mouths are cleaner than humans mouths.

    Not all dogs are filthy. I’ve met some who have breath that stinks like poo, but some dogs breath has no smell. Same for their bodies. Some have a certain stink to them no matter how much they are washed, and other dogs have no detectable smell.

    In some humans quest to become germ free, they end up negatively harming their immune systems.

    Many humans who tongue kiss their dogs are simply adopting habits their dogs have, in the same way many dogs develop certain human habits. This has nothing to do with beastiality. Only a tiny fraction of the human population is oriented that way. Simply kissing a dog will NOT make you a beastialist.

  7. Leguanite says:

    To each his own. However I think some of us are crossing the lines big time. What really is driving this behaviour – a sucky kind of behaviour in humans, especially in North America these days. I do not have a problem with a dog as a pet but it is a dog and not a human being. You can treat it like a human being all you want, put on socks and shoes, clothes and cowboy hats on em but it’s still a dog. They have their germs and people have their germs and something one can be transmitted to the other. I feel sorry for the dogs who are being smothered by needy childlike humans. Isn’t time we grow up and start practising proper hygiene.
    I love dogs and cats too. I pet them but I respect them and give them space to be. They are gifts to us and that gift is for them to be dogs and not things for us to transfer our human angst and anxieties some of us call love.
    I observe some people dragging their dog away from smelling pooh or engaging in something we do not like as humans. That is unconscionable. We neuter dogs and keep them in houses like eunuchs. How would you like if aliens come and neutered you and disrespected you like that. What a dog’s life! I call this cruelty to animals.

  8. Leguanite says:

    See my response below.

  9. takenbydreams says:

    People should know their boundaries. There has to be boundaries and when we do not respect our boundaries with animals, I believe we disrespect the animals we claim to love. – Legu!

    Um. Do you own a dog because most don’t need an invitation to start licking the mouth of another creature. Since we have breed dogs to retain puppy like features that is one of the hold overs of that sort of breeding. Wolf pups lick adult wolfs mouths in hope for a meal, dogs on the other hand do it just because that is both a show of affection and submission aaaaanddd some time what we have on our mouths just tastes good.

  10. Leguanite says:

    Perhaps you might want to read this and ignore it at your risk. I personally will never have a relationship with a person who practices kissing a dog in their mouth. I wouldn’t want to develop any related disease. It is definitely a deal breaker for me and so it should be with people who practice proper hygiene.
    Some people get carried away with this unnatural, pychotic feelings of so called love that they practice beastiality and think it is okay. If it is okay to kiss a dog in the mouth what stops you from using that same logic to go even further. We do not kiss our children on their tongues. Most children kiss family members on their cheeks and sometimes brushing their lips on their mom and dad but very cursory. That’s boundary.
    I saw the CBC documentary on Amanda Todd recently and one of the things the police officer says is happening in these exchange videos is bestiality. How do we protect dogs from this type of abuse? The animals need protection from our neediness.


  11. Sheila says:

    For all those people kissing with dogs. Pull out some info and see what deseases you can get from kissing with dogs/cats. Or better of talk to your health care professional and see what they tell you about it. None of the doctors support kissing dogs/cats or sleeping with them, never did, never will-get the facts straight and stop talking nonsense

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