Does God answers prayers?

Do we pray to feel good, that we are doing something to help, or do we really believe that God answers prayers.  I think that generally most of our prayers go unheeded and we forget about those thinking God knows best and when something does work out we latch on to it and say God answered prayers.  Had we waited longer  to pray we might have found out that things would have worked out just the same.
Human beings do have the need to pray and it is not that many expect their prayers to be answered but it can’t hurt.
The article below is intriguing and interesting. It is one person’s journey to deeper understanding of prayers and our expectations of God.
In my view God has given us his words the various prophets. We know what to do to maintain good health, to bolster our faith, to do the things that promote well-being but we do not follow these and we end up in trouble. Is like telling your child not to play with fire, or not to follow bad friends because bad things may happen to him. If we chose not to follow the sane advice of parents/teachers and something bad happens we have to blame ourselves.  Sometimes bad things have to happen so that we learn and gather wisdom from these experiences.
What works for me is to go with the flow.  I put my best, most positive thoughts out there and expect the bext.  Most times that works for me.

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