Vince Li rehabilitation progressing well!

Vince Li doctor, Dr. Steven Kramer, told the Provincial Review Board that he thinks Li is ready to go out for  supervised passes that let him out of his locked ward at Manitoba Mental Health for 15 minutes at first then one hour . According to Dr. Kramer ‘s report Li is progressing well with treatment.  However Dr. Kramer has assured the public that they are proceeding with caution as they have no way of knowing how he will react in the community.

   Can someone like Vince Li who has committed such a horrific crime ever be rehabilitated? Is there any treatment that can assure the public that he will not again be instructed by some imaginary force to commit a similar crime?  How can society ever feel  safely comfortable especially so quickly?  It is not even two years since this man cut off the head of  22year old Tim McLean and to start talking about freedom is only going to stir up bad feelings in the victim’s parents and close friends.  I believe that the Dr. is being a little irresponsible and insensitive to those who loved McLean, especially his parents.  Given the fact that Li is not criminally responsible for McLean’s death, he is however a very sick man.

“I was shocked the whole facility isn’t surrounded by a fence,” said McLean’s mother, Carol de Delley. “I don’t think he should have any freedom. Treat him humanely, but in a locked facility for the rest of his life.”

Crown attorney Corrine Deegan told the review board it’s far too early to be giving Li any privileges.”These supervised ground permits are not appropriate,” she argued. “The fact they are request that (extra) level of security is evidence of concern.”

Crown attorney Corrine Deegan told the review board it’s far too early to be giving Li any privileges.

I think that it is too early for Li. No one knows what he is thinking even the doctors. Once he has regained himself and learns what he did, could he live with that?  It is sad indeed that humans do desire revenge for wrongs done to them but this is more than revenge, it is about ensuring that there is public safety.  Li is not well, and may never be well enough to be incorporated back into regular society. Who is prepared to take this chance on him? What if he is let out and commits a similar offence who will take responsibility for that?

Society must face the hard facts of life. Sometimes even though a person may not be criminally responsible, the fact that they committed such an unfathomable act cannot be ignored and be washed under medical jargon.  These people deserve to be treated humanely but under lock and key.  There are many people out there who are schizophrenic but do not commit such crimes – they may steal , try to rape someone, expose themselves but not cut the head off another human being. You have to be way out of reality to do something like that, in deep, deep, hell from where there is no return.

In the final analysis, I think it is way too early for doctors to start talking about privileges and progress. They haven’t a clue what they are dealing with. In this case it is best to err on the side of caution.


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