Chinese little children are under attack

What is going on in China? Why are the so-called mentally ill people taking out their frustrations on defenceless children?  If they are so mentally ill why can’t they take their machetes and other weapons to the people in power who control what happens to them, why the children?  If the mentally ill can be so discerning to decide which limb to jump upon I think they should be held accountable for these cowardly act to which they are subjecting the poor children.

I sympathise with the people who might be undergoing tough times  but to kill innocent children randomly like that is unthinkable and I feel for the parents who have lost their children in this way.   How can they ever feel confident to send their children out of their sight again.

Those who commit these violent acts against little children are nothing but evil and the Chinese government must move swiftly to bring this under control or Chinese parents will lose more children in the future to these stupid criminals. The sad part is that these cowards take their lives so they cannot be held accountable?  This is not insanity but carefully planned execution of the weakest and most vulnerable knowing that hearts will bleed for these losses even more than if they had killed adults.


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