Legendary Lena Horne Passes from this World

Legendary Black singer, the great Lena Horne has said her last good night at age 92.

Horne lived a celebrated life even during Jim Crow’s era because she had solid talent behind her.  It is hard for a system to discriminate against one’s God-given gifts. People love to enjoy these gifts regardless of the vessel used. Lena Horne name was always mentioned with the adjective classy.  She inspired many African American women to pursue their dreams with vigor and class. She was a classy lady of her time and a rebel too. She found alongside Martin Luther King during the hey day of the Civil Rights movement.  In fact she was one of the Black activists who was white listed because of alleged ties to communism.  However her name was cleared and she took Broadway by storm in such shows as Cabin In the Sky and Stormy Weather; in the latter, she teamed with Bill “Bojangles” Robinson, Cab Calloway and Fats Waller among others. Horne was a trailblazer in the entertainment field. Whereas prior to her black women were relegated to parts that depicted them as maids and babysitters to white children, when Horne came on the scene she pushed the envelope. She was the first black actress to maintain a long-term contract with MGM. She played non-stereotypical roles as a Black woman and in those days that was a huge breakthrough.

Horne continued performing into the late 90’s before retiring. Hail to one of the Queens in America entertainment history.


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