Shocking Sad Day for Poland

Polish people and the world are in a state of shock as news hit that the Polish President Lech Kaczynski, 60,  is dead, along with his wife, the head of the Polish central bank and various other senior government officials, after the plane they were travelling in crashed Saturday in western Russia. This high-powered group was on their way from Warsaw to Smolensk, Russia, to attend a memorial service  for fallen Polish servicemen, when the aircraft came to a crashing end in the thick fog.  According to the most recent report, there is no survivor.  The plane they flew in is a 26-year-old Tupolev.

The general election that was due this fall would have to be moved forward and may soon change the landscape of Polish politics.  Kaczynski is hailed as a good leader and may have been re-elected but now the coin is tossed in the air. When events like this happens, especially in areas that are still tensed politically and troubled, one has to wonder if there was any foul play here.  The truth will be told soon. 

This goes to show the wisdom of political leaders and their high-powered technocrats, government officials and army cadres flying to their destination in separate planes. It is so easy to wipe out the top people in a country in one swoop when they fly together.

My heart goes out to Polish people and hope that peace will continue to reign in this country.


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