Hot in the Press Kettle – April 8 2010

Who say’s Oprah’s leaving TV and what leave all her friends? This woman really enjoys the company of her television audience. You could see it in her style. Great. Well it’s been said that Oprah will have another television series called The Next Chapter. In this chapter she will take us with her around the world and brings us the spiritual and wonderful people, places and things out there.  I can’t wait to sit in my rocker and see the world and be inspired by some of the world’s greatest minds. That sounds awesome indeed. 

I hope that Oprah will have a star that transcends national boundaries. She should look for just the best in the world including the most beautiful, the smartest and the most talented instead of just focusing on America. I think we’ve seen it all there let’s get some diversity and show the world’s a stage. I know she can find gems in the ghettos.

 Oprah displays her new cover of O Magazine’s 10th year anniversary. It’s reflection time. What will be the next chapter of O, will it turn a corner or have a complete overhaul. Oprah sure looks good; whom the gods have blessed no one can curse. You go girl, go for the hills and the mountains and never stop climbing  to see what’s beyond here or there.

It’s Official Chris Brown is out and Matt Kemp is in with Rihanna.  Good luck to both of them. I hope Matt learns from Chris, how quickly you can crash when you hit a woman. You do not hit a woman, just walk away. If it doesn’t fit just quit.

Don’t they look sweet. Rihanna appears pensive in the picture.
The Shame Flag  goes Tiki Barber  for leaving his pregnant wife, Ginny Cha. Doesn’t he know when a woman is pregnant sometimes she does not think straight, with all the hormones mixing up inside of her.  He ought to have cut her some slack if she had become overbearing but to walk away from your unborn children (twins)  is a burning shame for a 23-year-old former NBC intern Traci Johnson who is allegedly pregnant as well. What are these cheaters thinking these days?  Why do they ever bother to be married they might as well live as animals do, go with who ever quenches their itch.

The Judges saved an Idol last evening!

It was a good save. My heart was thrown when I heard that the big teddy bear, Michael Lynche, 26-year-old personal trainer, turned American Idol, was voted out of the competition last evening. I could not believe it. He is one of the most soulful singers in that competition and so honest in his delivery.  I think the judges’ use of their saving card was well spent.  I hope he learns his lesson and make sure he delivers week after week and do not get too cocky. It is a competition.  He did sing for his life last evening.

check out this Canadian Idol


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