The Melting pot is bubbling beautiful cultures in North America

And there shall be a new race of men and that race shall be a mixture of all the races thus making mankind a melting pot, or something like that.  In diversity there is strength. As more children are born of bi and multiracial cultures, the brain power will be stronger, the genetic make up will be more robust and we may see a generation that is much more resilient than in the past. 
  Sometimes people see their bi-racialism as a problem, the problem is not with one’s race or culture the problem lies with the person. Instead of accepting yourself as a race or culture, see yourself as a beautiful human being with every right to be here. Walk as if you are of  the earth because you are and no one can take that away from you, neither racism, fascism or none of the isms. Read this coming into his own story of one bi-racial youth and how he has turned his life into a positive force:
Here is one bi-racial musician of note to check out:

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