Hot in the Press Kettle March 31, 2010

 The 41-year-old daughter turn son of Cher and Sonny Bono was to erase any vestiges of his past life by asking the judge to allow him to legally change his name. Charity Bono aka Chaz said it was the best thing she could have done for herself. She is happy as a he.

Good luck with your new life. It must be nice to experience the fullness of a human being.


LL CoolJ is putting his foot down on Fox News who has lifted an old interview of his to promote Palin’s show without his permission.  That’s only the beginning for Palin. There are many out there who might want to see her trip and fall off the face of TV. Fox news agreed to cut the clip.

Sandra Bullock is still lying low

t is such an embarrassment when one finds out one’s spouse had been unfaithful in such a public way. I don’t believe the public has any idea of the hurt these people feel and we continue digging for more answers as if it is any of our business. There ought to be a law to protect public figures from having any John Doe investigates their private lives in this way.

The media has a way of making everything appear bigger than it actually is and appears to push people to separate. Marriage is an up and down battle and sometimes we have to give a little to get the marriage we want. I hope Sandra and her husband can find a way to resolve the issue and hope they can recommit to each other.

From what I read, the woman was apparently stalking her husband and set up to have her way with him. Of course we know men are not like women and they find it a lot harder to back down from a sexual battle.  I’m with you Sandra. Take your time girl and don’t let the media control your actions. It’s none of our business.

 Shannen  Doherty is off to see the Wizard

The first of the stars to be eliminated from Dancing with the Stars Shannen Doherty, 38 year old, former 90210 star, she said dancing is not her thing and that she did it for her dad. Do you believe that?  What a poor loser. Every week there will be one loser, you just happen to be the first Shannen so take your humble pie and relish it. It takes a lot of guts to sign up for something like when dancing is not your thing.

An inspiring teacher worth remembering

Jaime Escalante, was a teacher who made a difference.  He transformed a touch East Los Angeles High School with his program Stand Up and Deliver after a long illness with bladder cancer.

An immigrant from Bolivia, he transformed Garfield High School by motivating struggling students to excel at advanced math and science. The school had more advanced placement calculus students than all but three other public high schools in the country.

  The stars of the movie he inspired recently raised funds to help Jaime pay for his alternative treatment but his time has come. He has earned his eternal rest.

Haitian Mothers Receives the Help she needs in the USA

 Because her son lived in the US he was able to access services for his mother who is a diabetic, service that might be responsible for her being alive after the devastation of the Haitian earthquake.


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