Mr. Creflo Dollar – Gone wild

I often tune in to Mr. Dollar on Sundays because I like his enthusiasm and the message he gives to people especially those directed at Black folks but this past week he sounded like a desperate man, just like some of those crazy old  preachers of fire and brimstone.  That is unbecoming Mr. Dollar.  You don’t have to  put down another religion in order to uplift your own. For me that is a sure sign of  desperation.  Is it because that Buddhism and Islam are among the fastest growing religions in the West according to the most recent statistics.

Tell me in the supermarket of Christian churches, which one has the product  that will take you to heaven?   Not to be disrespectful, but for me Christianity has been degraded into a carnival like religion where everyone has developed a few tricks of the trade and get on the soapbox (TV) and star spouting threats and fears and doom and gloom meant to scare people into a particular fold.  Why do these preachers do that?  They in fact are doing more harm than good.  It means that the words of the Bible has lost its power to move people except through fear.  I believe love is a far more sustainable attraction than hate.

Jesus has never criticised another religion. Jesus was a prophet of the highest order and he loved people and took that message of love, not fire and brimstone as many of today’s preachers like to do. Scarce tactics will not sustain the religion that  has lost its social sting.  Our Lord has sent a new Messenger to renew His covenant with mankind and to provide us with new social laws to help us to live in today’s world and realities.  Have you heard of the Bahai Faith.  If you haven’t I suggest you google it and find out some more.

I also listen to Joel Osteen and he uses the best parts of the Christian doctrine and his is a message of hope and empowerment. His message helps us to understand that God is there to help us be better people.  After listening to someone like Osteen you want to go out and start living a better life but I did not get that from Dollar thi time.  I just wanted to ignore his threats and heard only the bad things he was saying.

This is the problem with preachers, they feel they have it right. Well in the Bahai Faith says we do not need these preachers and pundits. Mankind is now it is mature stage and most of us can find out the truth for ourselves without someone telling us what to think. It is because of priests that the church is so splintered. Jesus started only one Church, where is that Church today?  The inflated egos of mankind have caused the splintering of the church. Everyone believes his idea is the best, that his understanding of the scripture is the most accurate.

There is no longer need for this type of  work called preachers, ministers, pastors – each of us are capable enough to take care of our spiritual needs without the crutches of a pastor or mind control agents. We come to know God in our own way and in our own time as we continue to find meaning of life. It’s a process. What we do not need is religion to be used as an instrument to divide us from each other, as a product to be sold to us for personal gains, we need to feel good, we need to feel God. That’s all.


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