Hot in the Press Kettle – March 22, 2010

America makes history – The Democrats deliver the goods

It is nice to see the American  people fired up again about something that is  important. Thanks to President Obama, he has reignited that fighting spirit which for a while seemed dead. The masses were  just eating up regurgitated junk and spouting it out. People spoke up, people thought for themselves and asked hard questions of politicians.  The political leaders also had to deal with this issue from a moral standpoint.  The vote came back and one after the other, the majority moved to the side of the President. For the first time in a long time, a bill has been passed that would significantly change the status quo of life in America. How refreshing is that? Thanks to President Obama’s audacity and his stance that giving up or prolonging the debate were not options he wanted to consider. The president won the largest majority in the history of elections in America and he promised to make a difference, to be audacious and to deliver on his promise and one after the other the President has stood his ground in spite of the fierce and bitter opposition and the mudslinging from the visible minority crowd who clearly have a problem with America’s first black president, he kept his focus and refused to betray his conviction. The bill was passed by 219 votes to 212, with no Republican backing. Thank you Mr. President.

Democrats Face Final Scramble for Health Votes –

Shame on Roman Catholic Pedophile Priests

What’s up with Roman Catholic Priests? What loaded gun they carry under their frocks?

I am tired already with listening to all the crap these so-called priests have done to little boys and girls. Do the Vatican screen these pedophiles who use the cloth to get access to our children? Obviously, these men are not interested in being saved and are not afraid of the “hell” they preach about or they would keep their peckers in their hands and not used it so liberally to abuse children. 

Saying sorry is okay but what are the consequences? There should be no moratorium on sexual abuse of children. These priests ought to spend the rest of their mortal lives in a jail cell where they cannot hurt any more children and where they might be on the receiving end of what they gave to the children.  What they did is wrong and the punishment should fit the crime.  These children now adults need to be fully compensated for this betrayal. Who would have thought that the church was the most dangerous zone for our children?

BBC DJ Charlie Gillett died at 68.

BBC DJ and world music champion Charlie Gillett has died after a long illness, aged 68. The British broadcaster is credited with discovering Dire Straits in 1976 after playing Sultans of Swing from their demo tape on his Radio London show Honky Tonk. The World’s Jeb Sharp has an appreciation of Gillett’s work. (PRI International).

The configuration of the human genes makes us different from each other

A team of US and German scientists has found that we differ from each more because of the way our genes are regulated, such as which are switched on and which are switched off, than because of the differences among the genes themselves: furthermore there appears to be as much variation among humans as between humans and chimpanzees when it comes to gene regulation.


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