Kite surfing in Asia – spectacular

I was up last evening listening to PRI and heard this bit of news about kite  surfing. It sounded so interesting, and also like a lot of fun, I had to share it with you guys: See below

Some of the best kite surfers in the world recently converged on an island in the Philippines. We’re looking for the name of this island that’s home to Bulabog Beach…where the wind and the waves make for perfect kite surfing conditions.

The island’s a water sports paradise attracting surfers and scuba divers. Now kite surfing, a sport that seems to combine surfing, sailing, snowboarding, and a laid back philosophy — all in one — is catching on fast:

“Kite surfing’s special because you can just go out there and do your own thing. There’s nothing holding you down back you just go up and down fly around in the air do your own thing and when the day is done you come in and back to normal life.


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