African medicine comes to the rescue again

There is a lot of buzz around igobaine and igoba – a derivative of igobaine – a sacred African plant.  Apparently this plant works wonders not only psychedelically but it can cure addiction, something that the best treatment and or drugs fail to do to date. Yes, addiction is now categorized as a “chronic ailment/disability”  and addicts remain pawns within the addiction industry – the social workers, counsellors, pharmaceuticals and prisons.  There is an underground network that is going against regulations to use this drug to help heal people.  The drug has the potential of curing a person after only one dose of the concoction.  Why are governments, in particular the US government resistant to approving this drug? Let me – guess to protect the pharmaceutical industry?  Well, if you are an addict and you want to be cure you ask your service providers, doctors, who ever treats you to find out more about igobaine and demand it – it’s your life and no one cares more about it than you.

Read the full story below.

 Why Thousands Are Turning to a Psychedelic Plant from Africa for Release from Severe Addictions AlterNet


2 comments on “African medicine comes to the rescue again

  1. patrick kelley says:

    absulutey…………its all about power & $$$$ and……. they have no more power over you if they approve it……all their doing is giving. u a stronger more afflicting drug……..ive seen alot. …..but those clinics. id say IGOBAIN. LIKE….. WTF R THEY STUPID!!!!

  2. patrick kelley says:

    im not sure if anyone knows. … they treat people with it in canada………totally not well. may noone ever go thru this ever. ……this is how i know there is true evil on earth…….ouchhhhhh.

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