The Academy Awards – 2010

The Academy was long and boring. The highlights for me were the hosts Steve Martin and Alec Baldwin. They were great, I totally enjoyed them.  But for the most part it was ho-hum dry rum. I was also disappointed that the Avatar did not win the best picture.  What does one have to do to win a best picture. This is the most creative thing that has come out of Hollywood in a long, long time and to dis it like that was stupid.

I value creativity above all else when it comes to movie making. If we want to regurgitate wars and real life stuff let’s call for more documentaries and we know they don’t have to be too creative they just report the facts.

We want to be entertained not edutained, we want our creative juices to come alive as it did in the Avatar. I am one for women to win but they have to prove themselves, hello you don’t win for being a woman director or whatever that category was.  The point is Avatar deserved the prize because they went over and above to bring us entertainment that lifts the spirit to a greater height.

I also think that leaving out Bea Arthur and Farrah Fawcett was not cool. Those two ought to have been included in the mix. they were two very significant entertainment figures.   I give the Oscars a C this year.


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