Parents everywhere, women everywhere rise up against the injustice of India’s girls


SHAMBHU PRATAP SINGH RATHORE, a senior officer in the Haryana State Police lured a 14 year old girl to his office and sexually assaunted her. When her family tried to press charges against him, he used his influence to terrorized them. The blood of the 14 year old Ruchika Girotra,  is on his head because the girl not able to stand the intimidation and harassment by Rathore and his thungs, committed suicide.
Her brother Ashu, who tried to come to his sister’s defence was taken into custody, faslely accused of stealing and beaten and tortured.

To  the outside world India appears to be a mecca for spiritual enlightenment. Westerners trek to remote parts of India to meet with gurus to show the the way, yet in the hearts of heartless, old men they refuse to see the world has changed and still view women and girls as property to take then cover behind the skirts of a corrupt system.

We need an international outcry against people like RATHORE and his thugs, this is not about India, it is about protecting women and girls in the world when their own country turn its back on them.
Let us ensure that the 14 year old’s life be a symbol of justice when India stood up and take a stand against the petty-powerful in that country. Justice must be served. India should be served notice that the world is one country and mankind its citizens.

The wife he cheated on defended him in court: “The trial stretched on for almost another decade. Mr. Rathore’s wife, Abha, a well-known High Court lawyer, defended him. Mr. Girotra said that the defense found endless ways to drag out the trial. There were more than 400 hearings and repeated continuances. Mrs. Rathore cross-examined witnesses for months”

The world community is not asleep. We look out for the weakest in our midst and stand beside them in their fight against systems that encourage people like SHAMBU PRATAP SINGH.  It took India 20 years to bring this man to justice for the heinous crime he committed against a young girl.  We need an end to violence against women and girls all over the world. The season on women and girls being fair game is over.

Rathore and wife beside him

Sexual Predator Rathore

Rathore in tainted uniform

On December 28, 1993, days after Ashu was paraded in handcuffs in his locality, Ruchika consumed poison. She died the next day. Rathore threw a party that night to celebrate


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