Chris Brown on his Fan Manifesting Tour

Chris Brown  will be heading out on tour to show appreciation for his fans but we all know Brown don’t have any fans to talk about. Everybody turned against him and support Rihanna, the damsel in distress.  This tour is all about his rebuilding his fan base. In his pocket is a good progress report fromLos Angeles Superior Court Judge Patricia Schnegg. He’s been attending his counselling sessions to help him combat his urge to beat women and now he thinks he is ready or Mr. Bill is crushing him he has to go out and find some bacon.

Hey Chris, you are a young man.  You can learn from your lesson if not morally you will learn financially.  Whatever your motivation, change and you’ll be alright. You have a winning smile and you can depend on the short-term memory dysfunction of the American people. Flash one of your smiles and they’ll be as if you just hypnotize them, they’ll forget everything you did before that moment.

I wish you luck and continued progress. Go on, y’here and be a good boy.

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One comment on “Chris Brown on his Fan Manifesting Tour

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