Detroit Schools Offers controversial courses on how to work at Wal-Mart

 Detroit’s poor parents are up in arms attacking classes being offered to teach students how to work at Wal-Mart. On the face of it, this might appear like a bad thing but let’s face facts here, many of our most successful people out there in the corporate and working world had their start at one of the popular fast food joints like McDonald, Burger King or Pizza Hut. Those who are ambitious did not stay their but used that experience to tackle bigger fish.  I think a stint at Wal-Mart could teach students some valuable lessons. Wal-Mart is the largest retailer in the world, how did they do that? What are their best practices. A keen student might be able to pick up on some of this.

I think it is either hypocritical or anti-Wal-Martism fuelled by sheer jealousy on the part of other retailers, who are fuelling the fire to make Wal-Mart look bad. Wal-Mart is not all bad.  While I am not an avid Wal-Mart fan, I do believe that if they offer young underprivileged students a fighting chance to go out there and earn some honest dollar while still attending school, maybe get a scholarship afterwards from Wal-Mart, then it will give these students with a chance to feel good about themselves contributing to their own upkeep, probably helping poor parents pay some bills and keeping them out of trouble.

We have a tendency to blow things out of the water without a good critical analysis. Let’s give it up for Wal-Mart this time, trying to do something good for our inner city children,  underprivileged children and helping poorer families altogether. Walmart is no saint, they are exploiters like the rest of the entrepreneurs out there and they assuage their conscience like the rest of the exploiters out their by contributing some of the profits (a miniscule amount mind you) to charitable causes.  Read article:

Detroit Schools’ Offering Classes in How to Work at Walmart Attacked as ‘Subservient Worker’ Training AlterNet


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