Bits and Bites of Grammy Nite 2010

Maiko watson

Rare sighting of Beyonce and Jay-Z – Grammy 2010
                                                                                                                        Black Eye Peas

Mary J Blige – Too much bulge in the front MJB 

Usher and Mya

Lady Gaga and that spectacular outfit
Actress Alfre Woodward, simply beautiful
Mary J Blige, Too busty Mary – no need for that
Beyonce Grammy gown
Beautiful Pink


                              Foreign Exchange

Paris and PrinceThe Grammy is one of the better award shows on TV.  It is true entertainment and not a boring litany of speeches and presenting awards .  We get it all glitz and glamour and this year was no exception.  There were lots of winners, lots of great entertainment – some were way more creative than others but it was all something to talk about. 

Pink performance was absolutely breathless and creative.  She sang most of the song spinning around upside down in a white hammock with a set of angels spinning above her and held up at the base by a woman dressed like a Grecian god. At the end as she spun water pour off her body making a circular as she spun.  I like when people put some create in their creative performance.  Good job Pink.  You deserve an award just for that. 

Beyonce was her usual self. She put a lot into her performance as well.  She came up as a warrior women supported by her cast of warrior guardsmen or soldiers.  She had her usual attitude that speaks to her confidence. 

Taylor Swift won her first Grammy. She was gracious and always appear humble and surprised by her win. 

Black Eyes Peas always make a splash and they did not disappoint.  They had a similar approach like Beyonce – military kind of approach with all black roman warrior type of outfit like 

One of the highlights of my evening was the Michael Jackson tribute and especially seeing his two beautiful children Paris and Prince stepping up to accept the  Life Time award for their father and their promise to keep up his message of love.  They thanked their grandma and grandpa for taking care of them. Paris appeared a little fragile.  She must be still missing her dad so very much. The world has lost a great man in Michael Jackson even though there were some people who wanted to drag him down, take his innocence and sincerity of his generosity and make something bad of it.  The truth will come out one day and he will be vindicated.  He was not a bad person.  He was a good person.  For me he will always be a member of the Jackson 5, that cute little boy with a brilliant spark in his eyes. 

MJ Blige and Andre Bocelli accompanied by David Foster did a wonderful performance of on behalf of Haitian people.  It is so nice that suffering people are remembered in the midst of a great entertainment party.  Wyclef Jean introduced the group and taught the audience a little Haitian Creole (Nation) language. 

There were seriousness about the future of musicians and the threat of new technology that could prevent up and coming musicians being able to make a living from their music  and  plea for the fans to  value the music they love and care about  by compensating the musicians and  to usher in a rennaisance of music industry.  Failing this might produce mediocre music that will not be good for anyone. 

The big one went to Taylor Swift for Album of the Year.  She was jumping up and down saying this will be the story she will repeat over and over again to her grandchildren. She will tell them that in 2010 “we won the Album of the Year” Award. 


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