The hunt is on for Esther Reed

northcarolina-refugeee.jpgnorthcrolina-refugee.gifOne has to wonder how good are the security forces in the USA today.  How many investigators, Police Officers and Private Detectives does it take to catch a runaway girl who has been missing for more than 6 years while racketing up hundreds of thousands of dollars in student loans she got under a variety of aliases.After failure in all the efforts to capture the 20-year-old South Carolina Esther Reed they’re planning to bring out the big guns  Boo hoo! The Secret Service.  Esther Reed has left a trail of an intricate web of lies across the USA.  She has conned herself into Ivy League Colleges, got into law school, got hefty student loans which as far is known she is not repaying.  She has changed her name at least seven times.  She assumes the names of  persons who are missing because the assumption might be  that these people are already been dead so they are safer.  In the meantime the families of these missing girls, hopes get raised when they find out a person bearing the description of their missing loved ones has been cited.  It is a cruel thing, but Reed is obviously a sick girl.  She fooled her new friends  with stories that she is a professional chess player and makes a lot of money through her winnings.   According to Reed’s sisters, Esther had a problem with her weight. Esther did not like herself and suffered from low self-esteem and did not have a lot of friends. What she had going for her was her smarts.  She was a skilled debater and did well in school.  Family members said that Esther was a happy child but the happy child would grow into a sullen, maladjusted teen, who wrote in a 1999 e-mail to her sister Edna, “When I was 14, I learned how to lock myself up in a little box and I had no idea how to unlock it. …I feel like I had this wall surrounding my soul and I couldn’t get out and nothing could get in.”

Like many teens, Esther was self-conscious about her weight, and had trouble coping when her parents divorced in 1995.

“She was having a lot of trouble at home and I think that interfered with her abilities as a student,” remembers Jim Therriault, who was Esther’s English teacher. He also coached her in the one school activity she really seemed to enjoy: competitive debate.

“She wanted to be a lawyer. And she would be so good. But she always talked about going to school, to Harvard,” Edna remembers.

But despite her smarts, Esther dropped out of high school as her emotional problems mounted.  She did not want to be her. She did not like herself and her mother, who was her champion, died of cancer. And Esther seemed to have lost it then. Her life appeared not to have matter much.

At the same time, 3,000 miles away in South Carolina, a similar tale of teenage angst was playing out in Brooke Henson’s house. Like Esther, Brooke had also quit high school, and worse, had started dating a known bad boy.   When the family learned that Brooke was in Harvard University, the parents knew that was not possible because their brook was never smart enough and that’s when the stories of Esther Reed began to unravel and come into the public sphere in a big way. Last evening CBS 58 hour mystery said that after all the efforts to catch Esther Reed has failed. The authorities are wondering if there is a more sinister side to Esther Reed – is she a spy, is she could she become a terrorist? The plot thickens and Esther Reed is having a good laugh watching professionals sweat over a twenty-something ordinary girl who managed to escape their net for 6 years or she is sweating bullets knowing she is close to the end of her line.  Is it any wonder we can’t catch Bin Laden? 


Ether Reed has finally been captured. Read the entire saga here


7 comments on “The hunt is on for Esther Reed

  1. Delores says:

    You might find the new site of interest. I don’t think that Esther Reed (AKA Brook Henson) will be a fugitive for much longer.

    From the site:

    Welcome to Skiptrace.TV




    Esther Reed – Brook Henson – US Secret Service Most Wanted photo

    Esther Reed mugshot Esther Reed with Poochin or Odie Esther Reed unknown date

    A reward is being offered for information leading to the confirmed current location of Esther Elizabeth Reed.

    Rewards will also be paid for information providing previously unknown details of Reed’s current or recent identities, residences, places of employment, associates, financial activities, motor vehicles, travel and activities.

    Rewards can be requested by emailing Skiptrace.TV at, or by contacting Skiptrace.TV’s screening agency, Pallorium Investigations, at 212-969-0286.

    Esther Reed may have used the names: Elizabeth Reed, Ester Reed, Liz Reed, Brook Henson, Brooke Henson, Natalie Fisher, Natalie Bowman, Catherine Davis, Katherine Davis, Jennifer Clark, Natalie Harmon, among other aliases.

    Reed disappeared from New York City during 2006. She has lived in, and visited, locations throughout the United States and Canada, including Vermont, Massachusetts, California, Oregon, Washington, Colorado, Utah, Texas, Oklahoma, Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, New Jersey, Ohio, Illinois, Michigan, and most locations in the Great Lakes, Midwest and Southern regions of the USA.

    Esther Reed’s disappearance, and the hunt for Esther Reed, has been covered by media organizations throughout the USA, especially CBS News’ 48 Hours. America’s Most Wanted, CNN and the New York Post have also covered the Reed case.

    Following is a portion of the verified and unverified information received regarding Esther Reed:

    • Esther Reed is 5’6″, approx. 120 lbs. and has brown hair and brown eyes, though she may have recently changed her appearance.

    • Reed was born in Missouri during March, 1978 and spent much of her childhood in Montana. Her aliases and manufactured identities typically use years of birth ranging from 1975 to 1983.

    • Esther Reed is known to have visited opticians and she may be wearing glasses to alter her usual appearance.

    • Reed claims to be a professional chess player.

    • Reed spends a great deal of time on the Internet and has used online dating services such as and In the past Reed has dated members of the military, law enforcement and firemen. Reed uses online shopping services such as and

    • Reed is believed to have had cosmetic surgery including breast augmentation.

    • Reed on occasion does not leave her residence for days at a time.

    • Reed rents “private mailboxes” at The UPS Store, etc. and likely has a private mailbox now. A reward will be paid for the location of her private mailbox(es),

    • Reed has rented private storage facilities when she was between residences. She may have a private storage facility now. A reward will be paid for the location of her private storage facilitiy.

    • Reed routinely stays in moderately-priced hotels and orders large amounts of pizza and take-out food. Reed may be living in a hotel or motel now.

    • Reed’s usual mode of travel is via automobile. At one time she was known to drive a red Saturn. It is likely that she has changed vehicles.

    • Reed owns or has owned two small dogs, “Poochin” and “Odie”. Reed may also own or have owned a cat.

    • Reed is intelligent and well-spoken. She obtained a G.E.D. and attended Columbia, Harvard and a California university under false identities.

    • Reed has been a member of college and high-school debating teams. She has expressed interest in becoming a lawyer.

    • Reed has claimed that her brother was Killed In Action while serving with the U.S. military. This claim is believed to be false.

    • Reed has claimed that she is being stalked by an abusive family member. This claim is believed to be false.

    As additional information is obtained it will be posted to this site, along with relevant links. If you are interested in assisting in locating Esther Reed, it is recommended that you check this site’s Update Page on a daily basis for new information.

    IMPORTANT: Esther Reed is currently wanted for federal crimes and a federal criminal warrant has been issued for her arrest. Reed’s FBI File Number is 84853LBO. IF YOU HAVE INFORMATION REGARDING ESTHER REED’S WHEREABOUTS DO NOT ATTEMPT TO CONFRONT OR CAPTURE HER YOURSELF.

    If you have knowledge of Esther Reed’s current location, you should immediately contact:

    • Pallorium Investigations (, tel. 212-969-0286)

    • United States Marshals Service ( – closest office.

    • United States Secret Service ( in Greenville, SC.

    If you have spotted Esther Reed and you are unable to contact Pallorium Investigatons or federal law enforcement authorities, you should immediately contact your local police department.

    (If you are Esther Reed and you wish to surrender yourself, please contact the office of the U.S. Marshals Service closest to your current location. If you are afraid to contact the authorities because you fear that harm may come to you, please contact Pallorium Investigations, 24-hours, at 212-969-0286, and you will be assisted in surrendering in a safe and completely controlled manner, observed by independent witnesses, no matter your current location.) assists in the hunt for fugitives or missing persons of interest to the public. Only one fugitive or missing person is tracked at a time. If you are aware of a person that you think should be featured on this site, please contact our screening agency, Pallorium, Inc. Pallorium is a licensed, bonded and insured investigative agency, with offices and affiliates worldwide.

    This page including all text, art and HTML coding is (c) 2008. All Rights reserved.

  2. Cyndi Arnold says:

    I was born at the same time at the same hospital as Ester Reed, in Montana. She was one of my best friends for many many years. She was not as dissturbed as many people say. She was quiet because of all the jerks in our school teasing about her weight. She also had many friends unlike what they are saying about her. She had to have a reason for doing what she did. She was a great friend and I spent many of birthday with her. She will always be a friend to me.

  3. Why can’t the authorities find Esther Reed? Perhaps she is dead. I can’t imagine that she could escape justice for so long. She must be a very smart girl with a lot of contacts. Somebody out there must have information about this girl, now woman, I suppose.

  4. eff it says:

    She is a genius. Obviously the person who wrote this is bitter, completely biased and never fully understood the entire story. Before you judge someone on their missteps try examining the events which lead up to them. She never had intentions of stealing identities for financial gains. I guess anyone with a crudely designed blog these days can promote slander however they please. Your writing sounds vengeful and covetous at heart. Go on being miserable in your life while continuing to write about people who you secretly desire to be.

  5. The problem with people these days is always trying to look behind the reasons people do the things they do without letting them face responsibility for their wrong doings. Esther Reed may have had a tough life, well so are a lot of other people out there but not everyone cons their friends who have trusted them. Esther Reed may be a good person but she has broken the law and should come out of her hiding and tell her story. It’s one of the good things we still enjoy in this country. We have the right to an attorney and to be presumed innocent until proven guilty. So come out out Ms Reed, get this over and get on with the rest of your life. This is no way to live. Living in hiding, watching behind your back all the time is not living.

  6. Leguanite says:

    Esther Reed was captured in 2009 outside Chicago. She surrendered willingly, too tired to run, I suppose. As the saying goes, you may run but you can never hide forever from the reaches of the law.

  7. Leguanite says:

    Last evening I saw a repeat on 48 Hours Mystery of Esther Reed’s capture and journey into criminal activity. When you watch her closely as she responded to the questions posed to her, you could see in her eyes and body language that she is a troubled girl. I hope she use the time in incarceration to get the help she needs to deal with her demons. She has brilliant mind and to think she was a drop out. I like her answer when the reporter remarked on her intelligence – she said a drop out is not a sign of the level of a person’s intelligence that many bright kids drop out of school because they are bored. That is so true. Anyway, a mind is a terrible thing to waste so Esther, so something that will help mankind in a positive way with yours. You’ve been given a second chance. You are beautiful and you are a good person who have strayed. That’s in your past, the future is yours to make now.

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